[Training Log] Dec 9 – 15 2019

This recap is likely to be short, since the highlight of this week has already been discussed at (extreme) length here, in my Nutcracker 6-hr race report. It’s also HIGHLY delayed, as I find myself here, in January 2020, catching back up on past weeks I’ve not recapped.


Monday: 4.5 miles

All easy, felt decently good compared to last time I had to cut back this much before a race.

Tuesday: 4.1 miles

A loop of East Campus, easy. Today was the day of the Godiva Winter Party, which went great! I’m President now! Watch out, world!

Wednesday: 8.5 miles

A quick, easy workout before the race – 2 x mile. Was supposed to be 3 x mile, but I wore the Hyperions and did not like how my legs and feet were feeling when running fast in those shoes. I’ll admit that it was an interesting choice to try these new (old) shoes a few days before a race. Mile repeats were 6:47 and 6:53.

Thursday: 3 miles

Easy shakeout, feeling ok post mile repeats. Today was an ‘in office’ day at work, so just fitting in what I could before our dinner outing.

Friday: 3.2 miles

A final easy shakeout on what was an historically long week at work. I remember feeling quite grateful that I had the race coming up because I’m truly not sure where I would have found the time to run more than this anyway. My work data project took so much of my time in addition to all the meetings – today in particular was rocks setting. I got out of the office as soon as humanly possible in order to relax and focus in on race day planning.

Saturday: 41 miles – Nutcracker Endurance Run 6-hour

I won’t rehash everything from the race report here, but….what a race! 1st female, new course record, crazy big 40-mile PR. Since I’ve since had some issues, I want to record here that I, at the end of the race, experienced a weird pain in my left lower leg whenever I went from a walk back to a jog. It faded as I got moving, and I didn’t think much of it at the time. Overall, an outstanding race for me – I couldn’t be happier.

Sunday: 5.3 miles

Slow, slow, slow. Recovery. Averaged 12:30/mile. I had a similar issue as at the end of the race when I started moving today – severe left leg tightness. I was able to keep moving and end the week at ~70 miles.

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