[Training Log] Dec 16 – 22 2019

Recovery week! 40 total miles.


Monday: 4 miles

Still moving very slowly but feeling a little bit better than the previous day!

Tuesday: 3 miles

Still easing back, but in the 10s today! Three easy miles.

Wednesday: 6 miles

Six easy miles, ended up easing in and averaging ~9:30/mile. Definitely starting to feel back to normal but still not feeling like any longer than this would be a great idea.

Thursday: 3.2 miles

Easy shakeout.

Friday: 8.2 miles – 4.1 am // 4.1 pm

First day back to doubling – 4.1 easy in the morning and another 4.1 in the evening. The evening run was *not* fun – I got super loopy and out of it.

Saturday: 10.2

This was a weird run – I got a pretty bad pain about 3 miles into this run in my right leg. I felt like my leg dramatically buckled as I ran downhill at Buehler; I couldn’t exactly tell what was wrong, but my whole right leg tightened up (behind the knee). I was able to keep moving and did 10 total, but I am not certain what exactly happened.

Sunday: 5.3

Another very easy/slow run. The right leg issue was a problem this entire run and didn’t seem to improve over time. Keeping it nice and easy until this resolves…

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